Customised Implants for Surgical Procedures

Meet us at SENEC

Neurosurgery conference SEN, CNS and SBNS
17 - 19 May, Barcelona

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Manufacturing capabilities

3D printing, pressing, milling, silver-treatment, using our design or your design - you choose

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Design capabilities

Use our PSI template to make your own implant

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Latest news & events

Meet us at SENEC 2017

We look forward to attending SENEC 2017 in Barcelona for the meeting of the Spanish society of neurosurgeons, joint with CNS & SBNS from 17 to 19 May 2017.

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Next mission to Vietnam

Facing The World - all getting ready for the next mission to Vietnam in a few weeks time

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Meet us at ICOMS

We are delighted to be going to Hong-Kong from 28 March to 5 April 2017 for the 23rd International Conference on Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery.

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Our products

Our designers have been working with patient specific implants since 1985, when impressions of the defect used to be the norm, introducing in the late 80s implant design from digital CT data. Integrating technological advancements as they came along, we have now developed an extremely lean design and production system. It allows us to provide our products in a turnaround as quick as 4 days.

Our design experience and many close collaborations with leading surgeons have contributed to the introduction of various features that improve the functionality of the implants. We are also able to cope with out-of-the-ordinary cases.

Key technologies:

  • Digital mirror-imaging and warping tools
  • RP tooling and 3D printing
  • Customised state-of-the-art press
Key materials:
  • Pressed and 3D-printed titanium
  • Autoclavable nylon


PEEK-OPTIMA Patient-Specific Cranioplasty Implants

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Titanium PSI

Next-Generation Titanium Cranioplasty Implants

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Antimicrobial Silver Treatment

Biocompatible, with Lowest Infection Rate

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Osteotomy Cutting Guides and Templates

Invaluable Tools to Help You Achieve 2-in-1 Surgeries

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