About us

Cavendish Implants is an international leader in providing patient-specific implants. We take pride in designing and creating our implants using safe, high quality materials, ensuring that the needs of the patient drive the decision-making process. Cavendish Implants is able to guarantee a fast turnaround without ever compromising on quality, thanks to state of the art manufacture facilities.

Our team of designers and manufacturers have been collaborating with leading surgeons since the mid 1980’s, continually incorporating cutting edge technical advances to speed up and improve outputs. Cavendish Implants is uniquely positioned to provide a proven, high quality service that ensures that we meet your needs and your patients’. Our implants provide an accurate fit to the patient’s defect for positive cosmetic results.

From initial consultancy through to a fast delivery, we pride ourselves on providing expertise and knowledge at every step of the process – whether the case is simple or complex.

Dedicated to deliver the best

We work alongside clinical teams worldwide to provide only the most appropriate solutions to achieve faster, safer, more accurate and cost-effective surgeries.

Our design expertise, our deep understanding of the materials we work with and on-site manufacturing have created a streamlined and efficient process. To initiate this process, either send us a DICOM CD or simply follow the instructions to upload your data directly to our server. Alternatively, we may well have already an electronic image transfer link with your hospital, so do ask about this too.

From here, we will take care of the rest, offering peace of mind to you and your patients.


Contact Us

We would like to hear from you. Please let us know if you are an enquiring patient or a surgeon. Do let us know which country you are from as answers may differ depending on your local regulations. If you are a surgeon, tell us more about you: for example, what is your specialty?

We work in various countries, directly or via partners who share the same values as us: that is believing in shortening the distance between the surgeon and the designer and a very close relationship with the patient’s outcome as the sole focus. If this sounds like your ethos too, then we would like to hear from you as a distributor.