Temporalis suspension design

The temporalis suspension feature has been on our cranioplasty implants since 2008.

Re-suspension of the temporalis muscle may be very effective at improving the cosmetic outcome for the patient. The pictures below illustrate how to make full use of the temporalis feature that is on all our titanium and PEEK cranioplasty implants wherever possible.

We design all our cranioplasty plates which cross the border of the temporalis muscle with a set of paired holes for the re-attachment, by permanent suture, of the temporalis. The hole spacing is designed to allow a standard 3/8 circular suture needle of 12mm-radius to be used.
This improves the cosmetic outcome.
The first pictures show the principle of the design: our implants are designed with a set of paired holes that the surgeon uses to lace the edge of the muscle back to its original position.
The pictures below show the progression of this lacing process in theatre.